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[PODCAST] Chaos to Calm: Improving School Culture Through an Adults-First Approach

Date & Time: Wednesday, February 28 at 12pm ET

In this DA podcast, an expert coach, counselor, behavioral specialist, and trainer for large-scale school culture initiatives will discuss with the director of special programs at the Liberty Public Schools (Mo.) the importance of taking an adult-first approach to wellness and mental health; how to help teachers, staff, and students at all levels to manage conflict in healthy ways; and the many positive outcomes of this approach.

New Jersey student with special needs dies after school bus ride; bus monitor charged with manslaughter

A 6-year-old girl with special needs died in New Jersey this week after her wheelchair harness constricted her breathing while she was riding a school bus.

Strategic & Financial Planning: Adapting from COVID-19 for Ed Tech Sustainability

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The changing landscape of college and career readiness

As schools and districts focus on the whole student and getting them prepared for college, career, and life, there is an evolving focus on...

Why comprehensive threat assessment is vital to an effective school safety strategy

Why comprehensive threat assessment is vital to an effective school safety strategy

The importance of data access to district leaders

Making data-informed decisions has always been important to school district leaders, but given the disruptions caused by COVID-19, leveraging data has become even more...

New DA survey explores makerspaces, PBL and 3D printing in K12

A new DA survey of administrators from around the country asked how their schools are using makerspaces, project-based learning and tools such as 3D...

Transportation software mitigates bus management issues for merging districts

When West Geauga Local Schools and Newbury Local Schools began to consolidate for the 2020-21 academic year, Routefinder from Transfinder created new bus routes to accommodate new students without increasing ride times. Sponsored content by Transfinder.

[Infographic] The Future of E-Rate

E-rate funding has transformed the ed tech landscape in schools. The federal program has been modernized many times, but new changes are being debated....

Survey finds many school phone systems are outdated

To better understand the current phone technology landscape in K-12, District Administration partnered with ENA to develop and deploy a survey of school administrators...

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