Micah Ward

Micah Ward is a District Administration staff writer. He recently earned his master’s degree in Journalism at the University of Alabama. He spent his time during graduate school working on his master’s thesis. He’s also a self-taught guitarist who loves playing folk-style music.

Nowadays, is restorative discipline enough to keep students in line? Quite frankly, no

"It's just a fancy buzzword and a complete failure," said one kindergarten teacher. "My story is an accurate depiction of what restorative justice looks like in schools. It's not working and there's no accountability."

Will teacher salaries increase? And which states need it the most?

According to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, high school teachers earn a median salary of around $61,000 a year. Unfortunately, some states' averages are well below this number.

What is GPT-4 and why is it better than ChatGPT?

Just when it seemed artificial intelligence had hit its peak, this new iteration of OpenAI's chatbot can turn hand-drawn pictures into fully functioning websites and recreate the iconic game Pong in less than 60 seconds.

One more school district sues to put social media giants in their place

"Just as we had 'Big Tobacco' we now have 'Big Tech' exploiting children," said one attorney representing the San Mateo Board of Education. The 107-page lawsuit alleges that social media companies knowingly use AI and machine learning to deliver damaging content to students.

Texas officially announces takeover of the state’s largest school district, Houston ISD

Some in the Democrat-majority community believe the decision is just another attempt by Republican leaders to regain control following election failures and COVID restrictions.

Here are 7 education changes lawmakers promise for 2023

"With the promise of prosperity on the horizon, there is nothing more crucial to our individual success than education," said Virgin Islands Gov. Albert Bryan.

L.A. Unified faces ‘likely’ shutdown as thousands of employees plan to strike

Nearly 30,000 district employees will rally together this afternoon to announce a 3-day unfair practice charges strike, which will likely force the district to temporarily close with no remote instruction, according to Superintendent Alberto Carvalho.

Inexperience: The one reason for superintendent turnover no one is talking about

In 2019, the superintendency was changed for good. The profession is now a multifaceted and complex job that no one could have anticipated, and it requires intense training and preparation, one expert says.

Only 25% of superintendents are women, but they do earn more than men in that position

For the sixth time in 11 years of collecting such data, the median salary of female superintendents slightly surpassed that of their male counterparts at $146,031.

Should more states resort to ’emergency permits’ to hire special ed staff?

In Texas, districts are allowed to use emergency permits to hire non-certified teachers to meet staffing needs. One district has tripled its special ed staff hiring numbers this school year, but is it worth it?

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