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Eric is the executive editor of District Administration magazine. He has worked as a journalist at newspapers and in television.

What the U.S. is doing right when it comes to STEM education

Despite criticism, the U.S. is still an engine of economic innovation because of its approach to STEM education.

Digital citizenship starts at home

What your district can do to support K-12 parents as partners in teaching appropriate digital behavior.

The FETC Expo Hall is back in-person and bigger than ever

Among the many things to see and do, register for a chance to win one of three free trips to FETC 2023 in New Orleans.

Top product: Square Panda Literacy System

The system builds foundational reading skills through a multisensory & multimodal approach that individualizes instruction to reach all learners both in-class or at home.

Top product: ClassVR, virtual reality in classrooms

A versatile standalone platform using the power of virtual and augmented reality for education.

Top product: Edthena video observation and collaboration platform

Edthena is a complete solution for teacher growth, leveraging classroom videos for reflection and best practices.

Top product: Reading Progress in Microsoft Teams

An innovative, free way to help with reading fluency which, according to a Stanford study, has been down 30% during the pandemic.

Top product: Therapy Essentials from PresenceLearning

This system enables clinicians to provide 1:1 teletherapy with special education students remotely.

Top product: LEGO Education SPIKE Essential

LEGO has created an engaging STEAM-inspired collaborative coding, problem-solving, and storytelling play activity that encourages socio-emotional development alongside academics.

Top product: ChalkTalk ELA and Math Instructional Materials with Computer Adaptive Practice

A modern tool for lesson planning and instructional design that can aid teachers in devoting their time to working with students and not planning instructional activities.

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