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Lori Capullo is the managing editor for LRP Media Group's District Administration and University Business. A graduate of the University of Florida, she has been an award-winning editor in South Florida for more than 30 years and is a world traveler for life.

FETC: 3 superintendents share their lessons learned from the 2020 school year

When the way our education system operates changed at a moment's notice in March 2020, it turned out there was much more district leaders had to figure out than simply how to keep students learning.

Online alert: Cybercriminals are targeting K-12, including your district

A panel of experts led by retired FBI agent Scott Augenbaum elaborated on why school must act quickly to mitigate the growing cybercrime threat.

Why CTOs at FETC are saying their roles have changed for the better

CTOs gather, bond and share experiences and tips about their ever-changing roles at this year's FETC.

Here comes the ‘twindemic’: Will COVID plus the flu wreak holiday havoc?

These 5 measures can help school districts be proactive in avoiding a disastrous situation.

People on the Move: Promotions, position changes and new hires in K-12

Effecting positive change is on all of their agendas as these leaders take on fresh roles.

5 essential elements of a successful superintendent-school board relationship

If superintendents and school boards are to work together effectively, there are essential elements that must be prioritized.

5 ways superintendents’ roles have changed for good because of COVID-19

Since COVID-19, there's no longer a singular definition of the job.

Double trouble: COVID plus bad behavior in class equals a recipe for disaster

Traditional ways of disciplining students - including corporal punishment - must be examined and revised in order to effect lasting changes in behavior.

People on the Move

Here's who's at the top of the K-12 news cycle right now.

Substitute teacher crisis: What will it take to attract them to schools?

The nation's schools are facing a shortage of substitute teachers in classrooms, forcing staffers and administrators to help take on the task.

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