Matthew X. Joseph

Matthew X. Joseph is the assistant superintendent of teaching and learning at New Bedford Public Schools in Massachusetts. He is also the CEO of X-Factor EDU consulting and publishing.

Why visible leadership is so important in K12 education

Being a visible leader is significant in fostering trust, driving innovation, enhancing communication, nurturing collaboration, and ultimately, shaping the future of our schools and students.

Why the ‘warm demander’ concept is becoming popular in K12 leadership

A warm demander embodies empathy, high expectations and a nurturing environment to facilitate optimal learning outcomes for students from diverse backgrounds.

Stay in your lane? 4 reasons educators should not be so stubborn

The restrictive phrase "stay in your lane" tells teachers to focus solely on teaching their subject and not get involved in other aspects of their students' lives.

Why is digital citizenship essential? Here are 6 ways to start the conversation

School leaders can promote digital citizenship by involving parents and the wider community in the conversation.

Critical Thinkers: Teaching our students HOW to think, not WHAT to think

Critical thinking prepares students to think for themselves for the rest of their lives. Critical thinkers are less likely to go along with the crowd because they think for themselves.

School culture vs. school climate: The two are not synonymous

Although these terms have similar characteristics, they express two separate concepts. But it's important for both to be positive in your school.

6 steps to growing your professional learning network—using LinkedIn

DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker Matthew X. Joseph discusses how K-12 administrators can make the most of the platform.

Leadership: 7 ways to increase your visibility

If school leaders spend all of their time in the office, how will they know what staff, students and families need? DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker Matthew X. Joseph addresses strategies for boosting school leader availability, approachability and visibility.

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