District Administration

Envisioning the 2030 Landscape for Special Education: A Strategic Conversation about the Expanding Autism Spectrum Population

Date & Time: Wednesday, October 11 at 4 pm ET

In 2030, what will our districts' landscape look like for students receiving special education, particularly those diagnosed with autism? Documented trends reveal a significant increase in the number of autistic students in our school systems - from 1 in 68 in 2013, to 1 in 36 as of 2023.

Student Engagement Using Phenomena

Date & Time: Wednesday, September 27 at 2 pm ET

In this 20-minute Ed Talk, experienced science educator and professional learning consultant Cory Ort will share practical strategies for how to motivate students and leverage their curiosity by using phenomena in science instruction across a school or district. 

The 3 Grading Reform Challenges Every School Leader Must Overcome

Date & Time: Tuesday, September 12 at 2 pm ET

Learn about the most common challenges that can arise, and practical ways for district leaders to address them. 

Engaging All Students with Esports in Education: Sharing Strategies and Lessons Learned as Esports Programs Grow Nationally

Date & Time: Wednesday, September 13 at 4 pm ET

Learn how school districts and universities are empowering students to embrace gaming, the biggest form of entertainment in the world, to support equity, teamwork, soft skills, mental and social emotional health.

How AI Will Empower Administrators and Educators for Tomorrow’s Learning

Date & Time: Thursday, September 7 at 3:30 pm ET

In this DA Ed Talk, two edtech experts will outline how AI-powered technology can and will empower educators to personalize instruction, optimize teaching, and create more effective learning environments.

The Science of Reading and Implementation in ELL and Emergent Bilingual Instruction

Date & Time: Tuesday, August 31 at 2 pm ET

Attend this 20-minute DA Ed Talk to gain exclusive access to insights from these meetings about how to support equitable, positive literacy outcomes and high achievement for multilingual learners.

Accelerate Learning by Transforming PLCs into “Powerful Learning Collectives”

Date & Time: Tuesday, August 22 at 2 pm ET

In this 20-minute DA Ed Talk, an educational leadership consultant with more than 30 years of experience as an educator, instructional leader and administrator will discuss how to lead this powerful transformation in any district.

Parent Relationships and Positive Communications: How to Build Trust and Boost Involvement

Date & Time: Tuesday, August 15 at 2 pm ET

In this 20-minute DA Ed Talk, experts in school communications will outline some practical strategies to create a proactive communications plan that builds ongoing trust with parents.

Ensuring Student Growth Plans Are Measurable, Sustainable, and Successful

Date & Time: Thursday, August 10 at 2 pm ET

In this 30-minute DA Ed Talk, learn some strategies for evaluating the strength and sustainability of student growth plans at the classroom, school, and district levels.

Best of EdTech: Back to School Tools

Date & Time: Wednesday, August 9 at 2 pm ET

In this FETC webinar, a panel of edtech experts will profile the most innovative tools and solutions to help any educator create more engaging and interactive learning environments this fall.

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