Envisioning the 2030 Landscape for Special Education: A Strategic Conversation about the Expanding Autism Spectrum Population

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Date & Time: Wednesday, October 11 at 4 pm ET

In 2030, what will our districts’ landscape look like for students receiving special education, particularly those diagnosed with autism? Documented trends reveal a significant increase in the number of autistic students in our school systems – from 1 in 68 in 2013, to 1 in 36 as of 2023. As these trend lines continue to rise, are we adequately prepared to meet the growing needs of these children and their families?

We cordially invite district leaders, whether or not they specialize in special education, to partake in this future-focused strategic discussion. We aim to identify and discuss long-term solutions that promise to yield maximum impact for our students. Will these increasing figures impact how administrators approach early intervention and early childhood programming?

The discussion will also encompass equity considerations, as we delve into fresh data concerning the gender and ethnicity demographics of children diagnosed with autism. This session aims to prepare our districts to best serve our continually evolving student body.

Join us for a conversation with FETC Featured Speakers and Superintendents, Dr. Zandra Jo Galvan, Dr. Neil Gupta, Dr. Deb Kerr, with industry expert Dr. Kari Stubbs, moderated by Jennifer Womble.


Dr. Deb Kerr, Superintendent, St. Francis Public School District

Zandra Jo Galvan, Superintendent, Greenfield Union School District

Dr. Neil Gupta, Superintendent, Oakwood City Schools

Dr. Kari Stubbs, SVP, Business Development, Stages Learning


Jennifer Womble, Conference Chair, FETC 


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