Student Engagement Using Phenomena

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Date & Time: Wednesday, September 27 at 2 pm ET

The implementation of new K-12 science standards has created some challenges for many district leaders. One way to ensure science curriculum and instruction meets state or district requirements is to offer innovative opportunities to engage students through phenomena.

By learning to ask questions and formulate solutions, investigating phenomena intuitively and immediately helps students develop critical-thinking skills in a variety of subjects beyond science.

In this 20-minute Ed Talk, experienced science educator and professional learning consultant Cory Ort will share practical strategies for how to motivate students and leverage their curiosity by using phenomena in science instruction across a school or district.

Topics will include:

  • How using phenomena in science instruction helps to meet state requirements
  • Practical applications and practices to share with teachers
  • How to keep students engaged and motivated using high-quality K-12 science curricula


Cory Ort, National Science Consultant, Carolina Science

Karen Stevens, Vice President, Curriculum, Carolina Science

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