These parents want more virtual learning. New Jersey says they’re on their own

By: | July 19, 2021

Many parents and teachers around the country don’t want their kids to return to the classroom this fall, whether for academic or medical reasons. But in states like New Jersey, one of at least nine states around the country that have mandated in-person learning for the 2021-22 school year, parents and teachers who were hoping to continue on the distance-learning track are on their own.

Now, parents say they’re starting to reconsider their expectations of schools after a year and a half at home. These parents said they feel newly empowered to fight against the failures they once accepted as inevitable. Virtual learning gave them a sense of options outside the traditional public school model. They are using Gov. Phil Murphy’s decision, and the inevitability of in-person schooling, to mobilize against the poor conditions in some of the state’s lower-income schools.

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