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Tenn. school district where students held ‘slave auction’ settles with DOJ

The Hawkins County School District—where federal investigators said students subjected a Black classmate to repeated harassment, including calling him racist slurs, hitting him and holding a mock “slave auction” to sell him to White peers—will implement several changes under a settlement.

Sandy Hook survivors call for gun control as they graduate high school

Twenty seats at the high school graduation ceremony were left empty in honor of the children who died in the massacre, which shook the nation.

‘Am I safe?’ Baraboo superintendent wondered after parent shoved him during high school graduation

As Rainey Briggs was waiting in line to shake the hands of graduating students, a man rushed at him on stage during the Baraboo High School graduation. Initially, he wondered if the man was coming to protect him from something or if he was perhaps a photographer.

University of Memphis will operate its own school district. An inside look at its plans

For years, the University of Memphis has received praise for the success of its precollege school system, University Schools. But it hasn’t been able to accommodate high levels of demand from families who want to enroll their children in the system.

School board in Florida bans book about book bans

Indian River County School Board members said they disliked how it referenced other books that had been removed from schools and accused it of "teaching rebellion of school board authority."

Virginia NAACP sues Shenandoah school board after district restored Confederate names

The lawsuit alleges that the school board violated the U.S. Constitution, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Equal Educational Opportunity Act. The plaintiffs seek to remove the Confederate names, mascots and vestiges, and to prevent any future school naming involving Confederate leaders or references to the Confederacy.

‘Slow it down’: Louisiana’s plan to overhaul school grading system faces pushback

Louisiana is set to adopt a tougher rating system for K-12 schools in an effort to raise standards and spur improvements that could leave many schools with lower grades.

Seattle school closures: Why almost every student would be affected

While only 20 yet-to-be-named elementary schools are targeted for closure, the impact will be felt in nearly every K-5 building. That’s because the district intends to redraw attendance boundaries broadly.

How schools’ long summer breaks started, why some want the vacation cut short

Schools didn't always have such a long summer break. In the early 19th century, schools in cities were typically open year round while schools in rural areas typically had two terms, one in the winter and another in the summer.

Pandemic aid for schools is ending soon. Many after-school programs may go with it

The Afterschool Alliance analyzed 6,300 school districts across all states and the District of Columbia, and found that those districts spent at least $8.1 billion in ESSER funds on after-school and summer programs. As a result, an estimated 4 million more students were able to access these programs.

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