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Civil rights at stake: Black, Hispanic students blocked from class for missing class

Students all over Arizona are suspended for not showing up to class, whether it’s because they arrive late, leave campus midday or fail to make it at all, an investigation by The Hechinger Report and the Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting has found.

California public schools allow ‘pay to learn’ summer courses at high prices. Is it legal?

Across California, private educational foundations, which exist to support public school districts, rent campus space and run tuition-based summer school — charging as much as $720 for a class.

Alabama lawmakers must find place for extra $2.7 billion in education funds

According to the Alabama Association of School Boards, lawmakers budgeted $7.7 billion dollars in tax revenue for the 2022 fiscal year, but instead, they brought in $10.4 billion. These extra funds have to be delegated to education.

Amid teacher shortage, Black male educators point to why there aren’t more of them

Burton Jr. who spoke with ABC News this year described conditions that stretched beyond the pandemic in which Black male teachers were under-appreciated and outstretched -- with their numbers dwindling in the wake of what one advocate, speaking of staffing, has called a "five-alarm crisis."

Teacher, assistant principal praised for disarming student who fired gun in NC classroom

In a message posted on the school’s website, it said that during Thursday morning arrival at 7:59 a.m., a student fired a weapon inside a classroom, damaging a window. The school immediately went into a Code Red lockdown.

Former WA foster youth aim to make life better for kids in the system

While their stories vary, some in the group say an all too common thread of kids’ experiences in foster care is the lack of voice young people have when they’re moved around — or in many other aspects of their lives.

3 big numbers show that leaders who serve students of color receive fewer funds

If your district serves a large number of students of color, it's likely receiving thousands of dollars less in funding per student than predominantly white school systems, a new report from The Education Trust reveals. 

A Vermont anti-bullying group has been meeting for a decade. What has it accomplished?

The Harassment, Hazing, and Bullying Prevention Advisory Council consisted of state education officials, school administration and staff from the Vermont Human Rights Commission. It was intended to “review and coordinate school and statewide activities relating to the prevention of and response to harassment, hazing and bullying."

Schools stockpile medication to combat rise in fentanyl overdoses

Overdose deaths caused by fentanyl are on the rise across the country. It’s especially grim for young people, with more than 75 percent of adolescent overdose deaths in 2021 involving the powerful synthetic opioid.

2 Kansas high schools investigate after students accused of taunting basketball team with Black baby doll, racist chants

Valley Center officials issued an apology Monday to Topeka High School for “inappropriate language and behavior” by students during the game.

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