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Researchers say cries of teacher shortages are overblown

Education researchers say the threat of the national teacher shortage is exaggerated.

Cincinnati Bengals donate $250K for new athletic facility at Milford High School

The team partnered with the NFL Foundation, and LISC to contribute $250,000 to the Milford Exempted Village Schools for a new turf field.

Hochul signs Holocaust education bill

New York schools are required to teach about the Holocaust, one of 23 states that have the mandate.

Strategies revealed for effective delivery of K-12 online

After reviewing the studies for key themes, researchers revealed three foundational elements needed for effective online instruction: teacher training in online teaching; district and school access to technology and the Internet; and consideration of student developmental level in instructional planning, such as whether students are able to learn independently.

Biden vs. GOP states: Where will the battle over transgender rights leave students?

The Biden administration and Republican lawmakers are locked in a rancorous battle over a high-stakes question: What rights do transgender students have?

Staff allegedly took down an Escambia County teacher’s posters of Black heroes. He quit

An Escambia County public school teacher resigned this week over what he characterized as racist behavior by a school district employee.

Federal free lunches end, schools navigate next steps

With the end of federally funded lunches, some states including Maine, Michigan, and California took funding into their own hands.

Education officials say teacher shortage is widespread across all disciplines

West Virginia Education Association President Dale Lee said in previous years the vacancies were focused in certain subjects but now vacancies are widespread across every discipline in the curriculum.

Teamsters give Cedar Rapids schools an ‘F’ on treatment of bus drivers

As schools struggle to find adequate staffing for their buses, a local union gave the Cedar Rapids Community School District an “F” grade on fair treatment of bus drivers.

Period equity expands in Texas as Austin schools provide free pads and tampons

When Austin public school students return to classes this month, they will find a new amenity awaiting them in the bathrooms: dispensers of free maxi pads and tampons.

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