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3 N.J. school districts could become 1 under merger plan

The grades K-6 school districts in Highlands and Atlantic Highlands would join the grades 7-12 Henry Hudson Regional School District, which already serves both municipalities, under the proposal on Tuesday’s ballot.

Family of Black high school student suspended for hairstyle sues Texas officials

Darryl George, a 17-year-old student at Barbers Hill High School in Mont Belvieu, Texas, has been serving an in-school suspension since Aug. 31 after school officials said his dreadlocks violated the district's dress and grooming code.

Pawnee school superintendent Tim Kratochvil has passed away

Superintendent and former minor league baseball player Tim Kratochvil left 'legacy of positive change' at Pawnee CUSD 11 in Illinois.

As student mental health needs leap, schools seek a next generation of counselors

Student mental health problems have become chronic in the COVID-19 era with school disruptions and family illnesses taking a toll. It’s not possible to reach all the kids who need help.

School kids are so violent coming out of the pandemic that they’re sending teachers to the hospital, but an expert says to resist ‘get...

In Florida, a high school student beat a paraprofessional unconscious. A 15-year-old in Georgia left her teacher with difficulty walking. And a group of students in Texas sent their assistant principal to the hospital after an assault.

More schools are adopting 4-day weeks. For parents, the challenge is day 5

Hundreds of school systems around the country have adopted four-day weeks in recent years, mostly in rural and western parts of the U.S. Districts cite cost savings and advantages for teacher recruitment, although some have questioned the effects on students who already missed out on significant learning during the pandemic.

Officiating crew at New Jersey high school football game accused of racial bias, unfair practices

The superintendent of Plainfield High School alleges the crew's conduct was unethical and discriminatory. The New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association is investigating.

Florida families say school vouchers are unpaid, causing major disruption

Danielle Underwood is at wit’s end over the state-funded school voucher for her daughter, Aryana. Her small private school for students with special needs hadn’t received its first-quarter installment, despite it being due by law within 10 days of Sept. 1.

Texas schools received 77,000 threats last year. Some schools lack the resources to respond

While threats of school shootings are what often comes to mind, less than half of all reported threats were for threat of violence toward others. A larger percentage were for threats of self-harm, according to the state data.

‘Kids are having to use their deadname’: Students say gender policies make schools feel unsafe

The recent spate of regulations passed by school boards in conservative pockets of California requiring schools to notify parents if a student does something to indicate gender nonconformity is seeping into campus culture in ways some students describe as dangerous and repressive.

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