Nashville school board approves charter aimed at Spanish speakers

By: | July 15, 2021

The Metro Nashville School Board has approved a new charter school hoping to offer a dual-language education for the city’s Spanish-speaking children.

Aventura Community School applied to open a K-8 school in Southeast Nashville beginning fall 2022. Its application was originally denied by the school board, but after the school returned with a revised application, the board approved the school in a 5-3 decision recently.

School board chair Christiane Buggs had never voted to approve a charter school’s application before, but ultimately felt Aventura Community School offered language support that the district does not provide.

“We’ve asked for a decade to have more funding for translators and for training for our teachers, but we have not been able to do it,” she said. “This school, again based on what we saw in the original plan, based on what we saw here, and what they were able to provide to me tangibly, it seemed like they met the standard.”

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