Fulton County students destroy school property for millions of TikTok likes

The viral "devious lick challenge" has students nationwide stealing from their own schools and doing it on camera.
By: | September 15, 2021

FULTON County, Ga. — A TikTok challenge has made its way into the hands of students in Fulton County, leaving one student suspended from class at a local school.

Students are stealing from their own school and getting millions of likes on TikTok for pulling it off on camera.

Riverwood High School faculty members are now having to escort students to the bathroom because of the the TikTok challenge.

“The videos are going viral of kids taking stuff everywhere. Kids are taking projectors, doors, just everything from their schools,” Riverwood High School student, Max Orston said. It’s all part of the latest TikTok challenge on social media called the “devious lick challenge.”

“Someone tried to unbolt a urinal from the bathroom.”

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