Dana Godek and Michael Moore

Dr. Dana Godek is a seasoned expert in educational policy, social wellness, and community engagement. Her extensive career encompasses roles as a teacher, public school administrator, national researcher, and leader in federal and state policy. In her current role as the CEO of EduSolve, she applies her wealth of experience tackling intricate educational challenges in collaboration with local communities. Dana is a dedicated policy advisor to the Collaborative for Social and Emotional Learning and serves as a Data Currency Advisor to Credential Engine. She has contributed her expertise as a board member of the National Association for Federal and State Program Administrators and is a sought-after keynote speaker on matters related to federal investment in public education. Dana holds a doctorate in organizational leadership with a specialization in public policy and is a certified fundraising executive. Michael Moore has been a national leadership and organizational development consultant and executive coach for 20 years, following a successful career as a high school principal and Superintendent of Schools. He works in school districts with ‘Directors and above’ to prioritize strategy, manage change, and build organizational capacity. As an expert in principal supervision and development Michael co-designs culturally responsive, job-embedded leadership pathways and support models. As an expert in talent strategy and team building, he coaches executives and their teams across a wide range of organizations. Michael is a partner at the Urban Schools Human Capital Academy and works frequently with the Partnership for Leaders in Education at the UVA Darden School of Business.

3 resources to consider when testing new approaches to out of school time

Think of out of school time as a design space or a learning lab where engagement, experiences and open access programs are tested and understood for import into the "standardized academic year."

Time horizons: How leaders turn the clock to strategy

A superintendent’s time horizon is longest of all: budgeting, capital projects, strategic initiatives and changing state requirements—and this is the time to prioritize those issues.

Here are the 5 P’s of leadership succession planning

Ensuring that you are always able to look to “the next person up” is an adaptive challenge, requiring both strategic thinking and culture change.

How to determine the college and career-readiness of your school system

Ready to move forward? Focus on the student experience. Keep aligning instructional expectations toward real-world application. Personalize. Build partnerships. And make data-based decisions based on outcome data.

Go beyond career-ready: Get ​​career active

K12's new approach to college and career readiness must be grounded in the three ‘ships’: mentorship, internship, and apprenticeship.

Karma chameleons: Time for leaders to reset and stand out

Karma is the sum of how today’s actions rearrange the future. If you don't like the results of your beginning-of-the-year choices, then you can always choose again.

Have you tried restarting? Now is the ideal time to think about what next year will look like

Three of our favorite words are launch, reset and close. They describe moments at a time when leaders can step out of the whirlwind to confirm that the energy is going in the right direction.

‘Tis the season to reflect on better budgeting

Here are 5 tested actions for superintendents, cabinet members and board members to consider as they assess what has worked in the immediate past and what needs to be adjusted.

End of ESSER: Why short-term fixes could create long-term crises

While CFOs and federal programs directors have done a good job guiding districts through the last three years of budget tailoring, now it’s time for superintendents, cabinet members and board members to take a longer-term, strategic approach to ensure that only the most effective strategies—those with the strongest (LOI)—are retained as resiliency is drained from the system.

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