How schools can request an extension for ARP spending as deadline looms

On Monday, the U.S. Department of Education issued a letter to state grantees acknowledging that state education agencies are eligible for a 14-month extension to spend their American Rescue Plan funds upon request.

“We are failing older students.” Are high schoolers running out of time?

The 2023 “State of the American Student" contains reports from district and other experts on new approaches that "center instruction and support on what students need most."

Masks are back at some schools. How bad will COVID politics get?

A Maryland elementary school's mask mandate for a single class is setting off alarm bells—but not so much about the spread of infection.

This superintendent wonders when educators stopped being viewed as heroes

How the public went so quickly from calling educators the heroes of the pandemic to "villains" and "groomers" bothers Papillion La Vista Community Schools Superintendent Andrew Rikli.

As COVID cases rise, leaders respond by shutting down schools—for now

Just nine days into the new school year, attendance at one Kentucky school district dropped to 81% as COVID and other illnesses are beginning to sweep the nation.

How to know if your district is at risk of the looming fiscal cliff

"Time is running out," reads a new report from The Education Trust. Districts have millions of ESSER dollars left to spend. Some have managed these funds poorly. Here's how to ensure you're prepared once these resources are eliminated.

Are English learners catching up with the big lift offered by ESSER?

How districts in five states are using relief funds to expand tutoring, family outreach and develop more multilingual teachers.

Chronic absenteeism doubled in these 9 states during the pandemic

And levels grew in every other state as families took matters into their own hands to ensure their child's needs were met, whether academically or emotionally. "Districts now have more staff than ever and fewer students," said Marguerite Roza, director of Georgetown University's Edunomics Lab, in June. "So what happens next?"

Here are the 3 big impacts political polarization is having in the classroom

Political polarization has made their job "intolerable," teachers say in a new survey. Here's how teachers says administrators, parents and colleagues can solve the problem.

Classroom quality: Why teaching recovery is key to getting students back on track

A "crisis in the quality of classroom teaching" is the biggest barrier to providing students with the support they need to overcome unfinished learning, according to a poll of district leaders that was conducted by the Center on Reinventing Public Education.

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