We know tutoring works. Here’s how to make it work better

Most K12 leaders would agree that high-dosage tutoring is now a key part of instruction. Most would also note difficulties with finding adequate space and funding, hiring high-quality tutors and encouraging students to attend. 

Accelerating Literacy: Using Digital Tools to Elevate Student Choice and Voice

Date & Time: Tuesday, May 7th at 2 pm ET

In this 20-minute DA Ed Talk, the District Instructional Librarian for St. Vrain Valley Schools will share some actionable strategies for incorporating digital books and audiobooks into curriculum, elevating student choice, agency and voice, and quickly accelerating literacy across a school or district.  

‘Talking out of School’ podcast: Addressing a complexity of needs

Transforming K12 into a more fully student-centered system is the wicked problem facing public schools, says Robin Lake, director of the Center on Reinventing Public Education.

School boards are now spending more time on these 5 topics

Is your school board focused on the same topics that are of growing concern at their counterparts' meetings in other districts and states?

The pandemic’s impact still worries K12 parents. Here’s why

"The way school went with COVID got my twins so far behind," one parent said in a new report. Which interventions can help reverse its effects?

4 ways to close learning gaps before the ESSER deadline

School districts such as Alabama's Birmingham City Schools are taking innovative steps to ensure a sustained academic rebound, a new report finds. Here's how.

A look at states’ ‘inexcusable’ funding cuts during the pandemic

States like New York and Vermont were recorded to have the highest cost-adjusted per-pupil funding in 2021, whereas states like Arizona and Idaho ranked the lowest at around $5,500 below the national average.

U.S. math scores take a hit in global assessment. But there’s good news

Some countries suffered the equivalent of one year of learning loss in math in 2022, a new global report suggests. How did our students fare?

How schools can request an extension for ARP spending as deadline looms

On Monday, the U.S. Department of Education issued a letter to state grantees acknowledging that state education agencies are eligible for a 14-month extension to spend their American Rescue Plan funds upon request.

“We are failing older students.” Are high schoolers running out of time?

The 2023 “State of the American Student" contains reports from district and other experts on new approaches that "center instruction and support on what students need most."

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