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School choice or crisis of confidence? These parents are looking for options

Dissatisfied with a "one-size-fits-all" approach for their kids, Black, Hispanic, and millennial parents are leading the way in what one school choice advocacy group calls a "once-in-a-generation realignment."

Leadership series: Meet the superintendent who is all smiles this year

Many things make Missouri's Lee's Summit R-7 School District special, according to its Superintendent David Buck. But at the center of it all are the students.

Leadership Series: It’s time to reconnect students to their school

For Science Hill Principal Dr. Josh Carter, it's about stepping into the classroom and showing students the importance of serving each other and their community.

Administrators, want to become an edtech savant? Register for FETC 2023

Since the pandemic, CIOs have voiced the fact that the abundance of education technology is here to stay. Our message to you is: Hop on the train.

Parental control: 3 conditions that will help leaders help families

Parental control means families are increasingly insisting that schools adjust instruction to meet their children's needs, interests and schedules.

After School Satan Clubs are now a thing—but the devil’s not invited

After School Satan Clubs are about lighting up students' curiosity, not devil worship or attempts to convert children to Satanism—the organization doesn't even believe there is a Hell, the Satanic Temple says on its website.

How to put your school on the map using social media

TikTok, Twitter, Instagram—the list of platforms can be intimidating. FETC 2023 can help guide leaders in creating a robust social media presence for their schools.

Florida is No. 1 in the Parent Power Index. Where does your state rank?

Annual Parent Power Index ranks 'parental opportunities for involvement in their children’s education,' according to a school choice advocacy group. 

To districts dealing with overcrowding: Tread lightly as you propose a solution

Despite declining enrollment nationally, some parents are concerned about their districts' proposed solutions to keep schools under capacity.

Disregard this message: Hacker shares X-rated image in Seesaw app

Families and teachers using the learning management system received a message with a link to a sexually explicit photo, the company announced.

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