Community engagement

9 podcasts prove this superintendent is a lifelong learner and great communicator

"We highlight the people and stories that make the district great," Superintendent Travis Bracht says. "We have covered everything from students telling us about what they enjoyed the first week of school to a conversation about artificial intelligence with our technology director."

Why this superintendent calls himself an ‘edu-tainer’ in K12 communications

Superintendent John B. Gordon III leads Suffolk Public Schools in telling a positive story about students and staff in the face of political antagonism and racism, deploying social media—Facebook and Instagram, in particular—to keep the community informed and engaged in Suffolk Public Schools' achievements and activities.

One-on-one video podcasts help this superintendent connect with kids

Lewis Brooks, leader Shelby County Schools, makes it a priority to regularly highlight his students' and staff members' "interests and exceptional accomplishments."

How—and why—superintendents should share student data with families

Report cards simply don't give parents the full picture. K12 leaders must provide families with real-time data so they can understand how to be a part of their child's next steps for success.

How Mt. Diablo Unified leader and his team are controlling the narrative

Frequent and enthusiastic communication is Superintendent Adam Clark's top tool in maintaining enrollment and combatting misinformation.

Are English learners catching up with the big lift offered by ESSER?

How districts in five states are using relief funds to expand tutoring, family outreach and develop more multilingual teachers.

Want to de-stress the school year? Ramp up your school-home communications

There is one hack every educator can use—regardless of subject or class size—to improve the status quo: increase school-home communication.

5 questions with a superintendent whose lowest-performing schools are showing promise

Amazing things happen in the lives of students when families and educators join forces, says Superintendent Marvin Connelly Jr. of Cumberland County Schools.

How connecting with the community helps this district build schools

Leaders at Seguin ISD have convinced voters to approve more than $200 million in construction bonds since 2019. Superintendent Matthew Gutierrez says making—and strengthening—connections with the community has been his Texas district's key to success at the ballot box in 2019, 2022 and 2023.

Parent-school communication: Why families aren’t getting the help they need

"Families have high expectations for their child's educations and the interactions they have with their school," a new analysis reads. "And when it comes to communication teachers, staff and administrators, the expectations rise even higher."

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