Joy Smithson

Joy Smithson is a data scientist at SchoolStatus, where she works with districts all over the country to help educators use data to inform decisions and support student success. SchoolStatus' suite of data and communication solutions are designed to enhance educator effectiveness, automate workflows, support professional development and improve student outcomes by facilitating meaningful engagement between teachers, districts and families.

School data: 4 ways to maximize the big picture

Bridging the gap between data and decision-making empowers educators to leverage the full potential of data-informed communication for the benefit of K-12 students

Data and bullying: How to break down the problem

Avoidance of the situation is the most common response to bullying, which often amplifies the negative repercussions of the behavior.

Data-informed decisions: 3 tips for K12 leaders from a data scientist

Data-informed decisions help administrators develop communication strategies to address individual student needs and empower parents as active stakeholders in their child's educational journey.

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