How racist ‘prank’ and a group chat derailed 2 high school football seasons

Video shows football players "pointing and yelling dollar amounts at three Black students" in apparent slave auction reenactment, according to reports.

Hazing cancels football season at one high school and is disrupting play elsewhere

Repeated hazing incidents captured on video have tanked the football season at Middletown Area High School in central Pennsylvania.

Why 2 GOP governors just defied their party on transgender athlete bans

Bans on transgender athletes in girls' high school sports have swept through red states over the last year, but the wave hit a brick wall in Indiana and Utah.

High school sports help all students grow. Here’s how to make the idea more appealing.

One of the best ways for high school students to continue to build social-emotional skills is to participate in some form of sports, a growing number of education experts say.

Esports remains the best vehicle to reach all K-12 students

The pandemic may have slowed a bit of the fervor, but interest in gaming, learning in schools is still soaring.

High court sides with cheerleader in free speech case

Court rules in favor of a former high school cheerleader who posted profane photo with obscene caption on Snapchat after she didn't make the varsity cheerleading squad.

Set to launch: ‘Largest virtual network’ for esports career seekers

NASEF and Tallo are combining forces to help students and young professionals build profiles and showcase their STEM skills to colleges and employers.

STEM Signing Day provides college and career springboard

Growing up, high school senior Ayonnah Tinsley never saw engineers who looked like her. She wrote a children's book to expand perspectives.

Expert: Policies that target LGBTQ+ students harm development

Barring schools from teaching about gender identity or sexual orientation could increase risky behaviors among students in the LGBTQ+ community, expert says. 

NASEF teams with NHL’s Coyotes to grow esports in Arizona

The Coyotes and NASEF will partner up to help further STEM pathways, create tournaments for students.

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