Biden says schools are on track to open as promised, but will kids go?

By: | March 26, 2021

During his first news conference, President Biden said that his administration is on track to keep a promise he made to the nation’s parents and caregivers: to reopen the majority of elementary and middle schools for full-time, in-person learning within his first 100 days in office.

Newly released federal data suggest the president may indeed be on track — but that reopening the nation’s schools doesn’t mean all students will quickly return to classrooms. Here’s a look at the numbers from a nationally representative sample of roughly 7,000 schools:

  • Roughly 42% of students (fourth- and eighth-graders) represented in this survey attended public schools that, as of last month, were offering full-time, in-person learning to all students. This is the number that Biden is highlighting when he says he’s close to keeping his promise.

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