How to create a distance learning plan for all students

A flexible plan that leverages existing tech resources and focuses on communication is key, say DA guest columnists Mark D. Benigni and Susan O. Moore, of Meriden Public Schools. They share their strategy—plus seven implementation tips.

COVID-19: A ‘new normal’ for K-12 districts 

CIOs, along with technology and other administrators, are tracking the coronavirus' impact on spending and 2020-21 budgets.

Curriculum association news roundup

From student assessment changes and innovative science teaching awards to board appointments and leadership training, here's what K-12 educators need to know about what's happening at ACTFL, ACTE, NCSS, NCTM and NSTA.

K-12 association news: Curriculum roundup

Here's a look at new developments from ACTFL, ILA, NCTM and NSTA.

K-12 association news roundup: ACTFL, ILA, NCSS, NCTM, NSTA

From accepting applications for a foreign-language teacher training program (ACTFL) to releasing new guides on argument-driven inquiry for science students (NSTA Press), here is the latest curriculum association news.

K-12 research roundup

This roundup covers the impact of advanced academics on kindergartners, the effects of teachers' unions on student achievement, the benefits of transitional programs for special needs students, and the advantages of family-school interventions, among other topics.

ICYMI: Gaining edtech grants

Find out where school districts go to secure funding to support cutting-edge technology initiatives.

DA op-ed: Emotional responses to security often fail

How district leaders can maximize the time, energy and money spent on safety.

DA op-ed: How to model lifelong learning

Leaders must be readers, creators and youth advocates.

DA op-ed: Let students do what they do best

Survey of district leaders shows growing focus on hope and engagement.

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