Kentucky education commissioner discusses new K3 Dyslexia Toolkit

January 7, 2019 | Glasgow Daily Times

In April 2017, former Kentucky Education Commissioner Stephen Pruitt held a town hall meeting at Glasgow High School to discuss the educational accountability system.

When the floor was opened up to questions, Tiffany Ballard, a student from Western Kentucky University said, as someone with dyslexia, she was concerned that Kentucky wasn’t doing enough to ensure that all school districts treat dyslexia as a disability.

Pruitt said there was a dyslexia task force that was looking into that, but they didn’t want to rush anything, adding that one of the problems in education is “we make decisions too fast and it fails.”

Fast forward to January 2019, KDE released a K3 Dyslexia Toolkit that provides educators and families with a resource to help meet learning needs of students with dyslexia, or those who display characteristics of dyslexia. This 20-page document can be found online at:

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