As more schools switch to 4-day weeks, will teachers stay?

For most of her teaching career, Jean Schneider, a high school business teacher in Colorado, said she often had to choose between her school life and her home life and find time to balance the needs of her students with those of her family.

Now, Schneider works four days a week, Tuesday through Friday. Her school district — Colorado’s 27J Schools — is part of a growing trend of districts across the U.S. that have moved to four-day weeks to solve budget issues and teacher shortages.

“The four-day schedule for a teacher is wonderful. It really has given me an extra day back with my family,” Schneider told “Good Morning America.” “When I start on Tuesday, I really feel far more prepared than I ever did on the five-day week and I think it’s because I’m allowed that extra personal time just to make sure I’m ready.”

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