The threat of a state takeover intensifies for the Houston ISD

February 5, 2019 | Houston Public Media

Last October, the Houston school board opened its regular, monthly meeting with the typical routines — the pledge of allegiance, recognitions — and then moved to the district’s business.

Except then, the meeting turned raucous, with shouting and racially-charged accusations. What happened has helped trigger a special state investigation into the Houston school board and intensified the already looming threat of a state takeover.

“It is possible that the investigation into a failure of governance could result in a state takeover and an appointment of a board of managers sooner than August. It’s possible that it might not,” said Jasmine Jenkins with Houstonians for Great Public Schools in an online video. “It is also possible that we could reach a state takeover because of academic outcomes in August. It is possible that that won’t happen either.”

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