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How schools are designing ‘brain-friendly’ classroom spaces

Brain-friendly schools support different learning styles, promote active involvement, incorporate multimedia, recognize the impact of environmental factors such as noise and lighting, build connections to the world outside the classroom, and encourage community accessibility and involvement.

How robots bring homebound Maryland students into the classroom

Since originally being honored in 2017 as a District of Distinction, Anne Arundel County Public Schools has expanded its telepresence robot initiative, increasing the number of units available for homebound students to stay connected to classmates and in-school activities.

Student mental health crisis prevalent in K-12 schools

Over 3,000 U.S. students attempt suicide each day, according to the CDC. Schools using Gaggle to review students' use of online tools, like G Suite, intervened in over 6,000 cases of possible suicide last year.

Addressing skills for student emotional regulation and behavior management

The Connections Model has launched the KidConnect Ready2Learn Curriculum, a proactive social-emotional learning program for teachers to help learners identify, understand and manage their emotions. The curriculum is for grades K-6 and includes 26 lessons centered on targeted skills.

1 in 5 students have dyslexia or another reading deficit

It can be hard to spot, but you can use your classroom experience and knowledge of your students to recognize the signs that are often hiding in plain sight.

Improving student reading outcomes through literacy brain science

When Syracuse City School District (SCSD) educators realized many of their adolescent students had significant reading difficulties, they needed a comprehensive intervention to help those students reach grade-level success. See how LANGUAGE! Live brought SCSD to districtwide success with literacy brain science.

Camouflaged vaping devices are hoodwinking parents and schools

The vaping market is crowded with sleek, camouflaged devices, including the newest addition of a hood with drawstrings that can be used as a vaping device. They have teachers and parents struggling to monitor illicit usage of a product that has surged in popularity among high schoolers.

How a Missouri district boosts student learning by providing necessities

Districts of Distinction update: West Plains Schools' Building Bridges of Opportunity program grows exponentially with community involvement

Professional Learning Communities at Work Institutes

Where learning thrives. Learn everything you need to know about the innovative PLC at Work process from Solution Tree's world-renowned team of PLC experts.

Teacher platforms increase student engagement with literacy

Through a new partnership, Newsela's multidisciplinary, standards-aligned texts are embedded into 100 ready-to-run Nearpod lessons with virtual reality and interactive assessments.

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