School districts in two states work to prevent spreading virus

February 6, 2019 | WHNT

The flu is widespread in Alabama and schools in the Tennessee Valley have had to take extreme measures to combat the virus. Fayetteville City and the Lincoln County districts in Tennessee were closed Wednesday through Friday last week. Back in north Alabama, the Marshall County District was closed as well.

They reopened their doors Monday morning, but some students are still out sick. There were 84 students absent due to being sick in Fayetteville City. But compared to more than the 300 who were out earlier this month, the district thinks things are starting to improve. Lincoln County the district had 93% attendance Monday. Last week they were down to 83% attendance.

There have been 15 flu-related deaths reported in Alabama this flu season. One of those was a pediatric death that took place last week. The location of that fatality is not available in the state’s weekly influenza newsletter. According to the latest data from the state health department, the Jefferson, Northeastern, and northern Alabama districts are seeing the highest flu numbers.

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