School construction update

BOSTON, Dec. 3, 2018—West Roxbury, East Boston, and the southern part of the city near the Dorchester-Mattapan line would be among the first neighborhoods to get new school buildings under a 10-year citywide construction plan. The idea is to improve or replace outdated buildings, add classroom space in neighborhoods that need it, and eliminate middle schools, which would require elementary and some high schools to pick up those grade levels. Pictured: West Roxbury high school complex, which will be demolished. Read more from The Boston Globe.

OGDEN, UTAH, Dec. 4, 2018—The Ogden School District is breaking ground on a new technology innovation center at Mound Fort Junior High School. The center will house learning space for tech-driven courses and project-based learning and replace two portable classrooms currently at the school. Pictured: What the innovation center at Mound Fort Junior High School will look like once completed in the summer of 2019. Read more from The Standard Examiner.

SUGAR LAND, TEXAS, Dec. 3, 20198—A Texas judge has ordered Fort Bend ISD to halt construction of a new school after the remains of 95 black prisoners were unearthed at the site, which had been an infamous home of numerous prison camps and sugar cane plantations. After the district broke ground for the new school archaeologists exhumed a massive, 19th-century graveyard of nearly 100 bodies that had been concealed five feet beneath the soil in dilapidated pinewood caskets for decades. Read more from The Architects Newspaper.



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