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Start making from day one

Guest columnist Sylvia Martinez, a speaker at DA's FETC 2020, says that If you are looking at making and makerspace activities as a way to give students more agency over their own learning, why not start building those habits immediately to send that message early and often.

The case for creativity in STEAM

DA guest columnist and FETC 2020 speaker Sylvia Martinez discusses how creativity is a key component of deep learning and how it can be integrated into the STEM curriculum.

7 pillars of digital leadership

Continuous reflection and learning are needed to move schools forward now. The world is changing. Jobs are changing. Expectations are changing. As such, teaching, learning and leadership must change if growth and improvement are the goals, says guest columnist Eric Sheninger, a senior fellow and thought leader with the International Center for Leadership in Education and a featured speaker at DA's FETC 2020.

From alligators to mac and cheese, PTOs add creativity to fundraising

Community support remains key to schools' financial health, but funding disparities can raise questions about equity.

Changes in marijuana use leave district leaders in bind

With marijuana legal to varying extents in 33 states and the District of Columbia, school leaders are increasingly finding themselves walking a fine line in how to handle pot-related issues among students.

New school year brings spate of cyberattacks

The start of the new school year has seen a spike in cyberattacks against districts across the country, with small districts emerging as an especially attractive ransomware target by hackers.

Why American education pales—and fails—on the global stage

It's no secret that the United States—once the leader in public education—has slipped well below a number of other countries in performance and outcomes. The...

Reading as an adventure

Research shows that when students are engaged in a lesson, they learn and retain more. Ivan Kaltman, a school-based occupational therapist and former fourth-grade...

The great smartphone debate

Do mobile devices belong in the classroom?

5 considerations for success with school vending machines

A DA Quick Resource Guide to managing vending machines in schools for meals and snacks.

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