JD Solomon

Start making from day one

Guest columnist Sylvia Martinez, a speaker at DA's FETC 2020, says that If you are looking at making and makerspace activities as a way to give students more agency over their own learning, why not start building those habits immediately to send that message early and often.

7 pillars of digital leadership

Continuous reflection and learning are needed to move schools forward now. The world is changing. Jobs are changing. Expectations are changing. As such, teaching, learning and leadership must change if growth and improvement are the goals, says guest columnist Eric Sheninger, a senior fellow and thought leader with the International Center for Leadership in Education and a featured speaker at DA's FETC 2020.

New school year brings spate of cyberattacks

The start of the new school year has seen a spike in cyberattacks against districts across the country, with small districts emerging as an especially attractive ransomware target by hackers.

On Topic with Nathaniel F. Watson: Sleep now, learn later

School districts around the country are experimenting with starting classes later to allow students to get extra sleep. While some dismiss the idea as pampering,...

4 strategies to boost daily attendance

About 6 million students (one out of seven) miss at least 15 days during the school year, according the Department of Education. Valerie Marsh and Shaun Nelms offer four research-supported practices that have proven to boost attendance in real schools with real students.

Launching and sustaining an energy conservation program

If there is one thing district and school administrators are familiar with, it is the uncertainty of state allocations and operating budgets, especially during...

Hiring a new principal? 5 steps to getting it right

Principals have a tough job. According to recent study, 50 percent of new K12 principals are not retained beyond their third year, so finding the right candidate is crucial.

Head lice: A quick resource guide

A look at how, and why, districts implement "lice allowed" policies.

NCSS offers new guidelines for religious studies in schools

Whether and how religion should be taught in public schools is one of those perennial hot buttons in America that seems to defy consensus....

Cambridge makes inroads in U.S. education

The race to offer a rigorous pre-college curriculum to K12 students, even in elementary school, is heating up, with the move by one of...

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