Organizations offer PD for special ed transition planning

Special education services in U.S. public schools were mandated in 1975.

“The development of secondary transition programming within special education, first mandated in 1990, has had its challenges all the way through,” says Donna L. Wandry, professor of special education at West Chester University in Pennsylvania.

Many teachers—even seasoned special education teachers—haven’t studied transition planning through university coursework or through other professional development.

District leadership should encourage teachers to join professional organizations, such as the Council for Exceptional Children Division on Career Development and Transition. This organization offers conferences, journals, regional meetups and more, Wandry says.

And, as important, special education teachers need a supportive school district.

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Sidebar: What makes a great transition for students in special ed?

“Administrators need to recognize their place in all this,” says Wandry. “Special education teachers can’t get exceptional students ready for for adult roles in education, employment or independent living without financial and programmatic support at the district level.”


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