Victoria Clayton

5 reasons to boost listening literacy in schools

Why lessons in listening are now being incorporated into reading instruction—and how listening comprehension can be taught.

How alternative high schools restore students’ hope

District leaders realize that when it comes to getting alternative program students to graduation, the name of the game is support, not punishment.

Teaching phonics builds balanced literacy

You've heard the phrase “reading wars”—the so-called battle between phonics and whole language instruction—but you might not know it's exaggerated.

Overblown reading wars hide real literacy gap

American learners have a persistent reading problem, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress. Only 35% of students tested read at or above...

On the literacy horizon: Morphology

You will hear this word a lot in future literacy discussions: morphology, or the meaning of words. In a nutshell, the English spelling system...

STEM education myths in early grades

Consider these ideas: Some kids are STEM kids and some aren't. Students need to master science and math basics before moving on to STEM. STEM focuses on jobs, so it should be concentrated in middle and high school. Wrong, wrong and wrong.

6 ways to add STEM every day

Some steps all educators can take to incorporate STEM into everyday instruction: Consider putting a makerspace in every classroom. Many schools have separate makerspaces....

Moving forward with college and careers in special education

Transition planning for special education students has evolved so that the activities students participate in now mirror more closely mainstream college- and career-prep programs.

Organizations offer PD for special ed transition planning

Many teachers—even seasoned special education teachers—haven't studied transition planning through university coursework or through other professional development.

Making a great transition for students in special ed

There are successful transition plans and then there are successful transitions for special ed students. Experts offer ideas.

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