New standing desks debut for active classrooms

February 27, 2019 | VARIDESK

VARIDESK, a company known as a leader in standing desks for the office, is elevating the classroom by launching two new height-adjustable standing desks for students. The height on both new desks can be adjusted in seconds, so students can increase their activity by standing and sitting in the classroom.

“Last year, we announced our vision of bringing standing desks to students. Since then, we’ve worked to integrate the VARIDESK core principles of simplicity and flexibility into the heart of our education line,” said David Patton, vice president of Product Design at VARIDESK.

A Bright Future: New VARIDESK Education Products

Sit-Stand SchoolDesk lets students raise and lower their desk to fit their ideal height. Perfect for third grade through 12th grade, Sit-Stand SchoolDesk has a dry erase writable desktop for drawing and taking notes. Students can easily adjust the desk during class, due to a patent-pending air piston-assisted lift. Sit-Stand SchoolDesk assembles in minutes and is available for $395.

SchoolDesk also lets students choose a standing level that fits their height. Made for fifth grade through 12th grade, SchoolDesk has a dual-level ergonomic footrest that encourages students to move and stretch. A writable desk surface and round edges make it ideal for any active classroom. Featuring a patent-pending spring-assisted lift, SchoolDesk is available for $250.

“We have developed flexible desks that give students the freedom to move at any time,” said Patton. “We partnered with educators for testing, and they said there was a new energy and confidence in their students. It’s empowering and sets students up to succeed.”

The Complete Active Classroom

VARIDESK Education offers a full line of school solutions including storage, seating and more.

The new MarkerBoard is a movable, magnetic whiteboard that offers a large, writable dry erase space for learning. Created to foster collaboration, MarkerBoard is dual-sided. Its roll-and-lock system lets you easily move it and securely lock it in place. MarkerBoard is available starting at $995.

Storage Lockers offer flexible storage for students’ books, backpacks and supplies. Storage Lockers have a cable opening for in-locker device charging. Each unit contains two stackable lockers which arrive fully assembled. Storage Lockers are available for $295.

Elevating Student Health and Engagement

On average, U.S. students sit for 4.5 hours per day at school and spend 85% of their waking hours in sedentary positions.1 Standing desks are linked to increased engagement, healthier weight, and improved self-esteem.

Students with the freedom of movement in the classroom experience benefits including:

  • 15-35% more calories burned2
  • 5% decrease in body mass index percentile2
  • 15% increase in engagement in the classroom3

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3 Benden, Mark E., Jamilia Blake, Marianela Dornheckera, Monica L. Wendel, and Hongwei Zhao “The effect of stand- biased desks on academic engagement: an exploratory study.” Journal of Education and Health Promotion, 53, 5 April 2015.


VARIDESK launched its trademark height-adjustable standing desk solution in 2013. The first product of its kind, VARIDESK was created to promote a healthier and more productive workspace in a way that was simple, flexible and easy to use. Today, VARIDESK is the world’s leading active workspace innovation company, creating affordable, height-adjustable standing desk solutions, as well as active office furniture and accessories that transform the way people and students work every day. VARIDESK has shipped products to over 130 countries and it is used in 98 percent of Fortune 500 companies. Most VARIDESK products are in-stock and ready to ship within 24 hours, making it one of the quickest and most affordable ways to transform your workspace.

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