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3 superintendents to watch: Their schools are launching lifelong learners

How District Administration's latest group of "superintendents to watch" equips students with future-ready mindsets and problem-solving skills.

Student behavior is the leading cause for teachers leaving

Among a variety of factors that have contributed to the national teacher shortage crisis, student behavior is the number one reason most teachers are opting out of the profession, according to a survey released by Chalkboard Review this week.

Rural schools build their own arsenal of AR-15 rifles to stop shooters

AR-15s will be stored in gun safes in undisclosed locations in Madison County's six schools so resource officers can "meet violence with violence."

Where does your state rank on the list of best school systems?

“Quality” and “safety” are the two key measures in fresh rankings of the states with the best and worst school systems.

Odds are, monkeypox won’t disrupt your schools…but COVID still might

Monkeypox is making headlines but health experts say school leaders shouldn't worry about the infection becoming as disruptive as COVID.

Principals to watch: How to strengthen relationships to strengthen school climate

Principal Thomas W. Glanton Jr. can't sleep the night before school starts because he's still excited about every aspect of K-12 education.

How to solve problems that come with putting more counselors in schools

The role of school counselors needs to be clearly stated in legislation so they can use their unique skills to help students, teachers, and families.

Choosing new ed-tech? Try asking students what they want

Inviting student perspectives into technology selection is meaningful, and the consequences of not considering student viewpoints can be counterproductive and detrimental to learning.

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