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School leaders want more autonomy on how they access and report data. They also have more assets to keep track of when they shift to 1-to-1 learning or other programs that provide students with tech devices.

A new wave of software offers automated asset and business management, and provides other services that can monitor help desk traffic and watch students’ online activity for cyberbullying, emotional distress or other concerns.

In addition, mobile-friendly management tools and cloud-based solutions can expand administrators’ reach outside the school building.

Here are several examples:

DNA for Education

NetSupport Limited

This suite of easy-to-use tools can find, manage and support hardware and software across school and district networks. DNA interacts with Windows, Chrome, iOS, Mac and Android devices in the classroom and can also disable webcams when appropriate.

It monitors student internet activity to identify cyberbullying, self-harm, sexual exploitation and radicalization.

Destiny Resource Manager 14.5


This resource management platform tracks how your school uses products; determines how much an asset’s value has decreased over time; and records what items have been disposed of, salvaged or sold.

The 14.5 update allows users to renew circulated materials (such as print and digital textbooks) by barcode and change the expected delivery date for a group of devices.

Qmlativ Education Management System


This education management system reduces the steps needed for reporting, reimbursement, payroll and other tasks by managing workflows and approval processes. The system’s timekeeping solution prevents overpayment, and built-in electronic paper trails can track and identify changes to historical records.

Automated reports also eliminate much of work that goes into sending compliance updates to state and federal agencies. Teachers, office staff and administrators can use the system on desktops and mobile platforms.



AssetMAXX, a web-based solution that interfaces with enterprise resource planning software, makes an inventory of assets that are purchased for long-term use, such as buildings and equipment.

Users can download Mobile AssetMAXX to view inventory and export data on a mobile device. This saves time and improves data accuracy. For example, administrators can verify and update assets by using a Bluetooth barcode scanning device.

Administrators can also update assets by using a separate Bluetooth barcode-scanning device.

GoCodes iPhone, Android update


Cloud-based, asset-tracking software GoCodes updated its mobile apps so users can now scan barcodes with their smartphone. If the app does not find a matching ID in the system, a database search will return asset information that matches the barcode text.

The app can also send personalized warnings and notifications.

X3 Update 10


Sage X3, a business management tool that includes an asset management component, is now available in the cloud.

Administrators managing assets—which includes prioritizing, tracking and managing items that the school has purchased but are still being manufactured—benefit from ongoing compatibility with future X3 releases without losing data or functionality.

FileWave 12


This update lets users map the last known location of any FileWave-managed Chrome OS device. FileWave already performs this for MacOS, iOS, Windows and Android devices.

With FileWave 12, administrators can run full inventory reports to determine the last logged-in user, available disk space and device location. School leaders can also force a lost iOS device to sound an alert and track the speed of the device if it’s moving.

Informed K12

Informed K12

This business management platform digitizes routine forms and tracks their progress as they are completed by various departments. Administrators can check the status of forms and route them to other steps in the process to speed up approvals.

Administrators can also keep a digital record of all activity, download data in bulk for printing and filing, export data to Excel and other reporting tools, archive inactive forms to eliminate clutter, and filter data to more easily create reports.

Help Desk

SchoolDude by Dude Solutions

Help Desk, an IT-support management platform, allows all school staff to monitor incoming and outgoing IT requests so duplicate inquiries aren’t made and more people are available to respond. The platform also provides a single location for staff and faculty to communicate with IT teams.

Passport multi-site inventory update

Asap Systems

The barcode-based Passport system can now track the inventory of purchased supplies across multiple school sites. Users who do not have direct access to the main database can adjust the inventory remotely. An assigned Passport administrator can monitor all system activities.

Asset Maintenance

Tyler Technologies

This software tracks and assesses the condition of physical assets throughout their lifecycle. Administrators can schedule preventive maintenance, update work orders and monitor progress through completion. The software is available for desktops or via a mobile app.

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