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Should districts brace for a recession? A heads-up for leaders

A recession may not be on the rise, but districts should be preparing for these economic shifts that are coming all at once.

Preparation and training–not metal detectors–make students safer, expert says

Recent tragedies have led district leaders across the U.S. to consider better options to increase student safety in their schools. But others question if "hardening" schools will be enough to end mass shootings.

How to prepare your school for the end of free meal waivers this fall

Students will continue to eat free lunch this summer but, unless there is further Congressional action, districts will soon face the heavy administrative lift of K-12 food service.

ESSER ideas: 2 ways to boost learning with healthier schools

Tutoring and other academic interventions are not the only ways to boost student learning with your district's ESSER relief funding.

Schools can serve free meals this summer but that may change (again) in 2022-23

Pandemic-era flexibilities will change during the new school year even as eligibility for free- and reduced lunch is expanded and reimbursements increase.

3 most popular school ventilation improvements are masking disparities

There are steps underresourced district leaders can take–and steps they can urge local officials to take–to get the needed HVAC improvements made.

How digital maps are making schools in this state safer

Virginia is making $6.5 million in reimbursements available for districts to create interactive digital maps that can be more easily accessed by responders during a crisis.

75% of ESSER dollars are unspent and deadlines are approaching

ESSER funds offer schools a unique opportunity to both respond to the pandemic and tackle the backlog of deferred maintenance.

$500 million worth of help coming for cleaner schools and buses

Building Better School Infrastructure grants will support energy- and cost-saving redesigns and help districts transition to electric school buses.

K-12 groups blast loss of free meals while some praise spending package

Loss of free universal meal waivers will "devastate school meal programs" and is a "worst-case scenario" for children nationwide, anti-hunger advocates and education leaders say.

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