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School Renewal: Accessing New Funding for Facilities and Energy Projects

Date & Time: Tuesday, June 11th at 2 pm ET

In this 20-minute DA Ed Talk, an advisor from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of State and Community Energy Programs and an education facilities expert from Trane will discuss how to access and use newly available funding from the federal government to finance much-needed school facilities improvements in any district.

3 districts that are leading the country in sustainability efforts

We've chosen three Green Ribbon School winners to illustrate what strategies prove most successful and how you can replicate their efforts.

How one district is transforming learning by connecting kids to the ocean—and Bigfoot

A key to the mission at Sea Lab is for students to work "as scientists" across disciplines. Recent projects have had students grow lettuce in a hydroponic aquarium and compose music based on the sinking of military ships. "There's a little bit of whimsy science thrown in," teacher facilitator Simone Bourgeois explains. "We do everything from meteorology to zoology to any content science a student might approach in high school or college."

Leaders forced to close more schools by 2 big concerns

Wichita Public Schools in Kansas will close six schools to cover a $42 million budget shortfall as San Francisco's superintendent declares "We must have fewer schools than we do now."

3 ways to get even more done when managing K12 facilities

School facility upgrades can close about 10% of the achievement gap between high- and low-wealth school districts, while also increasing property values for the surrounding communities.

Many school buildings are more outdated than their computers

We're not going to string you along with a lot of build-up here (pun intended): The average age of schools in the U.S. is nearly 50 and more than a third of the buildings were built before 1970.

School nutrition: Why some worry it’s at a “perilous juncture”

A range of financial, logistical and regulatory challenges have the potential to disrupt school meal service as pandemic relief funding expires and stricter standards arrive, advocates say. 

See which districts will share $1 billion in new clean school bus funding

Thousands of new clean, green and electric buses will soon be carrying kids to school thanks to a $1 billion boost in funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

How one superintendent strives to keep his rural schools relevant

Bermudian Springs School District has completed one big project—a new middle school—and several more, including a new curriculum, are underway.

Funding the community’s use of school facilities: A fresh perspective

If community groups aren’t covering the entire cost of their facility use, exactly who makes up the difference? The answer is the school district.

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