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4 signs that your school needs a media center upgrade

Elements like soft and flexible seating can transform a media center into a space that engages the whole school community.

CTO: To make your schools more secure and sustainable, go paperless

"Paper records, stored in one location, in a non-environmentally controlled warehouse, for instance, are much more at risk than digital records secured by digital passwords," K12 technology leader Beverly Miller says.

How connecting with the community helps this district build schools

Leaders at Seguin ISD have convinced voters to approve more than $200 million in construction bonds since 2019. Superintendent Matthew Gutierrez says making—and strengthening—connections with the community has been his Texas district's key to success at the ballot box in 2019, 2022 and 2023.

3 things other than quality hinder school food service. Here are the solutions

Staff shortages, rising costs and family meal debt are the biggest challenges that school food service face, according to a survey that also finds the staff have confidence that healthy ingredients are being served.

Tech leadership in 2023-24: Funding and facilities are top priorities

Here's one of the top messages for K12 tech leadership in 2023-24 that bears repeating: you really do have a role to play in every aspect of your district's operations. For example, the cafeteria refrigerators—and the infrastructure that surrounds them—may need your attention.

How multipurpose facilities are shaping the future of k-12 education

Multipurpose facilities support continuous student development and allow programs to be implemented exactly as they were designed to be.

Leaders sound off on the top 7 challenges K12 is facing right now

Neither test scores nor grades are dominating the conversations about the biggest education challenges in 2023.

5 ways to create a more functional and inviting teachers’ lounge

Our new teacher’s lounge serves as a “safe place” where teachers can go to unwind and discuss what’s happening at school and in their personal lives.

Free school meals drove a surge in participation. Here’s how to keep it going.

Nearly 30 million students per day received lunch at school and more than 15.5 million had breakfast in the 2021–2022 academic year as more children returned for in-person instruction.

Why providing free school lunch is more important than ever

Paying less than 50 cents per meal might seem trivial to the 90% of Americans who are food secure, but it creates a substantial financial barrier for others.

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