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Healthy meals: Schools now have access to $50 million for nutrition

Grant funds will help K-12 leaders procure a wider variety of healthy, appealing meals while promoting innovation by food suppliers.

Dangerous levels of radioactive waste detected at Missouri elementary school

Nuclear waste from World War II bomb manufacturing was dumped into a river near the school and was detected in samples from the library, classrooms, kitchen, playgrounds and fields.

How solar panels are helping leaders put energy into teacher pay

Sheridan Community Schools has redirected about $1.3 million toward salaries each year since the Indiana district shifted to solar energy.

How a storm-tossed school district is swiftly coming back online after Florida hurricane

"When schools are up and going, the community can get back to normal more quickly," says Collier County Superintendent Kamela Patton.

Made in the shade: Why new energy is building up behind school solar panels

The case for school solar panels is one that can appeal to all community members, despite their varying political views and interests.

Will schools ever provide universal free meals? Now, help is on the way

Serving healthy and free meals to all students is a key pillar of the Biden Administration's wide-ranging effort to wipe out child hunger.

What is swatting? A scary hoax that is putting schools on high alert

False reports of active shooters have caused lockdowns, disruptions and high anxiety at dozens of schools in several states this week.

6 strategies for retaining school food service employees

Creating a positive culture where school nutrition employees enjoy coming to work has always been a priority. In the current labor market, it’s more critical than ever.

First day of school? Nationwide heat waves say ‘not so fast’

Another year and there's another reason to cancel classes—soaring school heat worsened by faulty or non-existent air-conditioning.

Should districts brace for a recession? A heads-up for leaders

A recession may not be on the rise, but districts should be preparing for these economic shifts that are coming all at once.

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