Leading system providers on K12 visitor management

What issues do your K-12 visitor management system clients want to address?

“Surprisingly, there are more tardies/early dismissals and staff check-ins than visitors in most schools. For example, in 2017, in 4,500 user schools, the Ident-A-Kid system logged an average of 2,020 tardies/early releases and 1,830 staff check-ins per year, per school, and only 960 visitors. Based on the sheer numbers, the impacts to funding and the requirement for accurate tracking, schools and districts are particularly interested in tardy and early dismissal management.”

-Rick Hagan, chief executive officer, Ident-A-Kid Services

“Administrators are concerned that visitors who approach their school are who they say are. One way to fake a visitor pass is to scan only the front side of a driver’s license, which populates specific fields. A photo is taken, and a pass is administered. This is especially easy to do with a self-serve visitor management system. To address this, ScholarChip scans the PDF417 barcode on the back of a state-issued ID or driver’s license, which is extremely difficult to duplicate or hack.”

-Craig Lockwood, president, ScholarChip

“The most common challenge that districts face when implementing a new visitor management system is the same challenge faced by many entities and individuals: fear of the unknown. However, once a district does choose to make a change over to electronic visitor management, district personnel are usually very satisfied with their choice. Additionally, K12 districts save thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars in personnel time by converting inefficient and ineffective traditional manual processes into efficient and effective electronic management.”

—Jim Vesterman, chief executive officer, Raptor Technologies

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