Increasing ease of use through enhanced integration with Google

January 23, 2019 | itslearning

The New York Times reports that more than half of the nation’s primary- and secondary-school students now use Google education apps. To help educators who want to move beyond the capabilities of Google Classroom, itslearning has created an easier workflow between G Suite and the itslearning learning management system (LMS). This latest update simplifies the itslearning experience with Google Drive, G Suite and Chromebooks.

“G Suite apps are well loved by teachers and students because these apps are so productive and easy to use,” said Arne Bergby, CEO of itslearning. “Integrating these apps with our full-strength LMS that offers broad and deep pedagogy means that teachers have the best of both worlds. And according to Google, itslearning has the market’s strongest G Suite-LMS integration.”

This latest enhancement to the itslearning platform means users who want to add a Google document to an assignment now have two new options – either via “Team Drive” or “Shared with Me” option. Additionally, the system now allows for seamless editing by letting users change a Google document directly in the itslearning platform and saving the changes not only within the LMS but also in their Google Drive.

With itslearning’s One Login, teachers save time as a single sign-on gives them access to the tools they need, including standards-aligned digital resources and scalable standards alignment.

“Greater scalability means more flexibility for the future, so along with all the other capabilities that our LMS provides, teachers have the full support of a powerful ecosystem,” said Bergby.

itslearning announced its collaboration with Google for Education in August 2018, introducing the first phase of a comprehensive technology roadmap.
In time, districts using Google Classroom will be able to seamlessly upgrade from Classroom to the itslearning LMS, adding standards-aligned content, robust assessment tools, and getting instant access to data that simplifies teaching and enhances learning. There is also a new Google app that automatically logs users onto itslearning when using a Chromebook. The roadmap for additional Google integrations can be found at

“Many schools and districts at some point will find themselves wanting to expand their instructional practices into an enterprise solution like ours,” said Bergby. “itslearning offers an easy data migration path to bring users, courses, and content from Google Classroom onto a full-scale LMS while keeping their favorite G Suite tools like Drive, Docs and Sheets. For those considering using Classroom or moving from Classroom, itslearning is the logical destination. Google even says so!”

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