Cybersecurity: 4 bloggers focused on K-12 edtech

A roundup of edtech professionals who share information with educators to boost online and network security.

A roundup of edtech professionals who focus on helping schools boost their online and network security, including cybersecurity.


Doug Levin

EdTech Strategies

Founder and president of EdTech Strategies LLC, Levin advises federal and state policymakers and education leaders, and conducts high-profile research that has helped build online tools for educators and school leaders. In his blog, he writes about the trends shaping the future of education, specifically K-12 security. He summarizes the state of the field annually and digs deep into topics such as the use of facial recognition software in schools.


Wendy Zamora

Malwarebytes Labs

A recent blog post from Zamora, head of content for Malwarebytes Labs, explores what K-12 schools need to do to shore up security. She writes about malware, privacy, potential threats and cybercrime in addition to other related topics. Acknowledging that education is consistently in the top 10 industries targeted by cybercriminals, she discusses specific solutions for schools to combat data breaches and other cyberattacks.


Ron and Cyndi Gula

Gula Tech Adventures

The Gulas run Gula Tech Adventures, a venture capital firm focused on next-generation cyber solutions, and publish a series of blogs around security. Many posts feature interviews with industry experts, including a recent interview with a national cyber group CEO, who looked at the student aspect of cybersecurity and discussed training 30 million K-12 students on the importance of the subject and the need to create more college cyber programs.


University of West Florida

Center for Cybersecurity Blog

The Center for Cybersecurity at the University of West Florida serves as the hub for multidisciplinary cybersecurity research, education, outreach and partnerships. The Center for Cybersecurity Ambassadors Program debuted in January 2018. UWF cybersecurity students support northwest Florida school programs, and generate interest in related education and careers among K-12 students as part of the programs. The center also offers professional development to educators.

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