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Data-informed decisions: 3 tips for K12 leaders from a data scientist

Data-informed decisions help administrators develop communication strategies to address individual student needs and empower parents as active stakeholders in their child's educational journey.

How one district uses cognitive data to to unlock true data literacy

An assistant superintendent explains how teachers truly differentiate instruction with data about the way students learn best.

Tech Talk: Why the ‘next big thing’ in edtech is already a thing

Despite the furor over AI and chatbots, it’s not the tools and devices at the cutting edge of edtech that are of greatest concern to K12 IT leaders as they look ahead to the 2023-24 school year.

3 ways school leaders can combine ChatGPT and K12 to save time

The chatter about ChatGPT and K12 education is pretty negative, and I get it. So, enlist ChatGPT to be your scheduler, ghostwriter and teacher support coordinator.

Top 10 states for data breaches warn of constant K12 cyber threat

If your school is in Wyoming, you might be safe—or at least a little safer—from education cyberattacks that have compromised 32 million records over the last two decades.

How collecting warm data can tell us more about our students

We’re likely to miss the root causes of drops in test scores and other issues because we don’t often collect 'warm data' about how our students are feeling.

5 ways assessment data builds a cycle of teaching, assessment and instruction

Armed with the right assessment data, educators can identify learning gaps, adjust class-wide instruction, spark discussion and collaborate with parents.

How technology supports student well-being while relieving teachers’ burdens

A.I. analytics of students' mental health data can help alleviate added burdens from teachers while ensuring their students’ well-being.

Iowa’s largest school district is shut down today due to a cyberattack

Des Moines Public Schools' cyberattack was discovered Monday morning and the school district’s internet and network services were taken offline.

Administrators, want to become an edtech savant? Register for FETC 2023

Since the pandemic, CIOs have voiced the fact that the abundance of education technology is here to stay. Our message to you is: Hop on the train.

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