Student behavior

1 in 3 are suffering: How teen mental health declined during COVID

Hard data around mental health is bringing educators' concerns about the severity of students' COVID-era struggles with anxiety, thoughts of suicide, and racism into stark relief.

Why two educators say elevating student voice is key to building back better

Student voice surged in importance pre-COVID as educators sought new ways to engage learners. Now, a growing number of districts is making student voice a key strategy in recovering from the pandemic.

LGBTQ+ topics are being pushed out of schools. What do adults say?

Despite a wave of new laws that hit schools this week, a majority of adults oppose banishing sexual orientation or gender identity topics from U.S. classrooms.

Why one state is reining in active shooter drills in its schools

A new law bars live simulations as a growing number of voices are criticizing school shooter drills for doing more harm than good. 

What’s the big reason schools are closing now that COVID is waning?

Bad weather used to be the main reason schools closed until COVID, and until social media—the latter of which is now closing classrooms far more regularly than is the pandemic.

One way to get parents more involved in supporting student mental health

A small problem can turn into a crisis when adults are not prepared to support children who are struggling with social-emotional distress, experts warn.

Principals detail 2 powerful solutions to surge in behavior problems

To cope with increasing behavioral issues two years into the pandemic, administrators are giving students more time and space during the school day to seek support and recharge.

How schools can seize a can’t-miss chance to strengthen mental health care

Educators must embed mental health into every aspect of the school day to meet student social-emotional needs that have been intensified by the pandemic.

More Than a Student Information System: Effectively Tracking Students Experiencing Homelessness

Date & Time: Thursday, March 17, 2022 2:00 pm ET Watch Now Speaker: Joe Cayen Founder and Senior Advisor, TransACT Communications Ben Hinkle-Wszalek Director of Operations, Milwaukee Office, TransACT Communications Lynn Russo Senior...

Combating the Youth Mental Health Crisis by Expanding Equitable Care Access

Date & Time: Wednesday, March 9, 2022 2:00 pm ET Watch Now Speakers: Mr. Fred Heid, Superintendent, Polk County Public Schools Ms. Michele Bledsoe, Director of Equity and Social...

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