Kara Stern

Kara Stern is the director of education and engagement for SchoolStatus, a unified K12 platform that enables districts and schools to engage more families and improve attendance with our easy-to-use communications hub and data-driven attendance solutions.

How to keep the learning journey going all summer long

We can facilitate continuity of learning and sustain family engagement throughout the summer by leveraging creative communication strategies to nurture students' curiosity through low-lift, high-impact activities.

Mental Health Awareness Month: Recognizing how stress and anxiety impact students and educators

Mental Health Awareness Month provides an opportunity for all of us to acknowledge mental health struggles and successes and share resources to support living healthier, more balanced lives.

5 ways to optimize back-to-school night for relationship building

Anyone who’s given a back-to-school night presentation knows there's no way a teacher can fit everything they need to share with families.

Tips on school communications for the stress of the 24/7 news cycle

Even if teachers don’t intend to discuss what’s going on at home ands adults try to keep hard news from their children’s ears, the pervasiveness of social media and 24/7 news cycles make it impossible to keep children from events that feel scary and incomprehensible.

Want to de-stress the school year? Ramp up your school-home communications

There is one hack every educator can use—regardless of subject or class size—to improve the status quo: increase school-home communication.

3 ways school leaders can combine ChatGPT and K12 to save time

The chatter about ChatGPT and K12 education is pretty negative, and I get it. So, enlist ChatGPT to be your scheduler, ghostwriter and teacher support coordinator.

School communications: 5 ways strategic outreach reduces absenteeism

At the micro level, school communications are about sharing information, but at the macro level, they’re about building relationships.

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