Hans A. Andrews and Greg Rockhold

Dr. Hans Andrews is credited with starting the first dual-credit program in the country between a community college and secondary schools in Illinois. His work helped set the standard for the rest of the country. He is presently a distinguished fellow in community college leadership and is past president of Olney Central College in Illinois. Dr. Greg Rockhold has served on the National Association of Secondary School Principals board, was the president of the New Mexico Coalition of School Administrators, and was the executive director of the New Mexico Association of Secondary School Principals. He also served as a superintendent.

How community colleges can build a new teacher pipeline

Community and two-year technical colleges have been proposed as a new pipeline for preparing new teachers. Florida has provided an example.

Preparing teachers in community colleges makes sense—and cents

Community and technical colleges have helped shorten the time to obtain a degree for hundreds of thousands of secondary school students. The importance of these programs in terms of time to degree for the possibility of preparing baccalaureate degree teachers is paramount.

What education headlines should say in 2024 vs. current realities

Over the past decade, the teacher shortage crisis has grown in the United States and many other countries. There is much to be done before the situation is under better control and new common-sense solutions are installed.

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