Early education

Analysis: Big strides are being made toward universal pre-K

Ask a lot of superintendents—and we do—and they'll say that quality preschool experiences are key to most students' success in K12. Read on for some good news about early learning.

Workspace for play: Setting up early childhood classrooms for success

A veteran early childhood educator shares the challenges teachers face in creating developmentally appropriate spaces—and how administrators can help.

7 questions with a superintendent who is prepping for a population boom

"We’re excited and maybe a little bit nervous," Hardin County Schools Superintendent Teresa Morgan says as she and her team get ready to make room for an influx of 24,000 to 37,000 residents over the next decade.

Boston Public Schools gets failing grades in 4 key areas as a takeover looms

With the specter of state control looming, Boston Public Schools is being sharply criticized for failing to "carry out basic operational functions," among other problems with equity and educating at-risk students.

It starts with our children: An anti-racism CEO explains

Matthew Kincaid dives into the need for early anti-racism discussions.

Can SEL deliver on its promises? Yes, but only if we start with early educators.

We're getting it wrong from by not training early childhood educators to build children's emotional competence and self-regulation at the most critical, developmental time.

3 instructional strategies that support the science of reading

Setting students up to become proficient, critical readers is at the core of early literacy, and essential for introducing other subjects and skills.

Build back later? Progress on bill with education provisions stalled until ’22

In a statement released Dec. 16, President Biden said negotiations will "continue next week," adding that "it takes time to finalize these agreements, prepare the legislative changes, and finish all the parliamentary and procedural steps needed to enable a Senate vote."

Build Back Better Act approved by House has millions for CTE, teacher training

Build Back Better bill includes $112 million each for school leadership and teacher development and funding for universal pre-K and free school meals.

A guide to mastering the IEP process during a chaotic year

While the basics of the IEP process remain the same, there are certain considerations that might be helpful for this unique school year.

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