Charles Hendrix

Charles Hendrix has been writing about federal K-12 education policy, including the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, since 2006, and has in-depth knowledge of Capitol Hill and the federal legislative process. He is a senior editor with LRP Publications and the author of What Do I Do When® The Answer Book on Title I – Fourth Edition. He lives in South Florida with his son and their trusted chiweenie, Junior.

Security stimulus: Schools are getting $1 billion for student health and safety

Education leaders urged to use $1 billion in school safety funding for PD, emergency, and mental health support rather than infrastructure.

Chart: Regulatory agenda for 2022-23 includes FERPA, assessment, 504 rules

The department recently released proposed Title IX regulations and anticipates publishing proposed FERPA regulations in August.

New national council signals a bigger push for family engagement in schools

Biden administration has prioritized parent, stakeholder, and community involvement in schools in the wake of the educational upheaval over the past two years.

Gun violence proposal would fund K-12 safety and mental health

Measure would support the early identification of students suffering from mental health issues and violence prevention training for staff.

‘We need help,’ Cardona tells Congress in wake of Uvalde school shooting

Cardona said Title I is the "best tool" to address K-12 inequity and advocated for a $1 billion investment in mental health care for students at recent Congressional hearing.

K-12 leaders are warning Congress of a ‘national crisis’ of teacher shortages

While the safety of educators and students is a concern that plays a part in teacher recruiting and retention, several other factors related to teacher recruitment and compensation need to be addressed, experts say.

Leaving on a jet plane? How to use federal funds for conference travel

As state and local school districts plan their budgets for the coming school year, administrators may be looking for ways to expand professional development opportunities.

Biden’s 2023 budget includes $11.9 billion boost for education

President's budget request includes $1 billion in funding for school counselors and mental health professionals. The administration proposed similar funding in 2022 but it was cut from the final spending package.

Florida education commissioner who battled mask mandates to resign next month

During Richard Corcoran's tenure, the state department of education clashed with districts in the state and with the U.S. Department of Education over restrictions on mask mandates in schools.

New federal spending proposal would allot $76.4 billion for education

The omnibus appropriations package includes $76.4 billion in funding for Education Department discretionary programs, an increase of $2.9 billion over the enacted FY 2021 appropriations amount

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