7 defining studies that shed light on K12’s current partisan divide

Since the height of the pandemic, the education sphere has only gotten more politicized as families gained a front row seat to their child's education during remote instruction. These seven surveys from the Pew Research Center offer a timeline of how this partisan divide transpired.

How Pride Month is driving LGBTQ+ reform—and resistance—in these school districts

While many of these efforts proved to have little impact on their district's policies, they succeeded in sparking conversation and raising awareness for a historically underrepresented student group.

LAUSD Superintendent Alberto Carvalho reflects on his ‘aggressive’ 100-day plan

"Those goals are ambitious," he says. "They're a stretched goal. Every one of them. In the minds of some, almost unreasonable. But I don't think they are. They're going to force us to reinvent ourselves to really pivot away from the way business and the work were doing into a new reality of education."

2 reasons we may be on the verge of a ‘great teacher resignation’

Only 27% of teachers say it's "very likely" that they'll continue teaching beyond five years. Unfortunately, educators and leaders alike say it's because they don't receive the respect they deserve.

Pride Month kicks off with protests—some violent—in several school districts

In Los Angeles, parents said they were protesting LGBTQ+ instruction in schools while holding signs that read, among other things, "No pride in grooming." Meanwhile, across the street, advocates of LGBTQ+ rights and education were counterprotesting.

Should school boards dictate what’s taught in schools? Teachers say no

A new poll from NPR and Ipsos reveals how teachers, parents and students perceive K12 education and who they trust to make decisions about their curriculum.

How to design school discipline to create a sense of belonging for students

"I dropped out of school—actually, they kicked me out—because I didn't want to give them my hat," said one student featured in a new report. "And I had bad experiences since preschool, so it was easy for me to be like [forget] this."

How to improve your district’s summer programs in 4 easy steps

A March report from EdResearch For Recovery and the Tennessee Education Research Alliance outlines best practices and guidelines for district leaders using data collection to measure and assess their summer programs.

Why some politicians have had enough of the ‘culture wars’ in K12

"Putting politicians in charge of the classroom is dangerous," North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said during a special address on Monday declaring a state of emergency for public education.

What happens to librarians providing ‘obscene’ books? For some, jail time

For instance, both librarians and teachers in Arkansas are subject to up to six years—or a $10,000 fine—if they provide what is considered to be obscene material, according to a newly enacted law that takes effect Aug. 1.

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