Superintendent's Playbook

How this district created an anti-bullying initiative that actually works

This year, Wayne Township Public Schools set a goal to reduce bullying reports by 10%. Here's how they've more than quadrupled their expectations as of April.

Superintendent’s Playbook: Interviewing at a new district? Leave your vision at the door

When Neil Gupta was interviewing for the top spot at Ohio's Oakwood Schools this time last year, he was asked what his vision for the district was. Can leaders provide such a response without conversing with their community first?

“It makes my heart happy”: Celebrating culture creates safe spaces

"It makes my heart so happy that students are coming together to share their experiences and they feel safe doing it," says Superintendent Laurie Dent. "We finally made it safe to talk about race in this district."

School-within-a-school uses PBL to help students make a big move

Orchard View Middle School's project-driven, small group learning experiment aims to make students' transitions from elementary to middle school more seamless and academically engaging.

Comfort counts: How superior school design can boost attendance

Two concepts are driving school designers these days: Physical safety and emotional well-being. Even simple adjustments have demonstrated a positive impact.

The 3 important partnerships that help this superintendent make a difference

K12 partnerships at the Greenfield Union School District are driving esports, robotics, innovation and leadership, says Superintendent Zandra Jo Galván. "I'm excited about the future for kids," she exclaims.

How two superintendents strive to be “real people”

Two leaders highlight key steps on a journey many K12 leaders take—that of humanizing themselves in their relationships with staff and students.

Family engagement: 5 key strategies to help leaders connect more effectively

K12 leaders looking to form closer connections with parents, families and communities should think of their outreach efforts as a blend of one- and two-way communications.

Suicide prevention: 5 steps for better protecting our students

The most effective solutions start long before a student begins thinking about committing self-harm, says Brandy Samuell, a former K12 administrator who is now director of product management at eLuma, a teletherapy provider.

6 key moves for leaders who want to accelerate career pathways

If you've built a career pathways program, you know it's a complex undertaking that requires outreach and collaboration with local business and organizations. If you're only in the preliminary phase, the good news is those who have developed successful initiatives have plenty of lessons to share.

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