School board relations

Setbacks and new directions: How school board elections played out last week

Motivated by some of the most pressing issues among parents, like book bans, classroom conversation and instruction, this week was an opportunity for many to take hold of leadership roles in their communities and spark change.

How strategic plan goals vary in urban, rural and suburban school districts

See which strategic plan priorities are most prominent in rural school districts and which get more attention in urban and suburban systems.

4 mistakes that can derail a superintendent’s relationship with their school board

An effective way to prevent disruptions is for superintendents and school boards to strike "social contracts" that cover everyone's commitments, how conflicts will be resolved and how the superintendent and members expect to be treated, among other issues.

Get on board: How to strive for no surprises in school board relations

Superintendents should develop a comprehensive school board communication plan, establish a shared vision and not try to solve every problem on their own.

Get on Board: How 2 superintendents reach out to school board candidates

District Administration's "Get on Board" series allows superintendents and other experts to share ideas for creating and maintaining productive relationships with school board members. 

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