Frank Ferreri

Frank Ferreri has written about education law and policy for over 13 years. His topics of focus have included special education, disability law, Title IX, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, and related subjects. Frank holds a master's degree from the University of South Florida and a juris doctor degree from the University of Florida Levin College of Law.

Washington must provide FAPE to students until their 22nd birthday

The IDEA requires states to provide special education and related services to students with disabilities until their 22nd birthday, but an exception allows states to discontinue services as early as age 18.

Students’ good grades tilt IEP lawsuit in favor of district

School Law Briefings is your guide to legally significant K12 news, including recaps of precedential court rulings, regulatory updates and agency guidance. In this edition, the Third Circuit finds a Pennsylvania district provided FAPE for a student with ADHD, New Jersey teachers lose an age discrimination case, and Title IX gives Connecticut athletes power to sue over a transgender competition.

IDEA doesn’t require a district to cover accommodations for postsecondary program

IDEA does not apply to postsecondary education and so, if a student with a disability attends a college program on a college campus, they are beyond the IDEA’s domain.

District’s inaction on sex video leads to damages award. Questions of discrimination in 2 other cases

When a student alleges that she has been subjected to unwanted sexual contact, a district’s next steps can determine how it fares in a Title IX case.

K12 Legal News: How a recent ruling impacts special ed for English learners

When a student with a disability speaks a language other than English, a district may face challenges in determining what his special education needs are versus how his limited English proficiency status affects his learning.

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