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Case File: ED accepts order barring enforcement of rule altering CARES Act funds

A quick look at a new ruling on the interim final rule, which required school districts to provide CARES Act funding to nonpublic schools

School funding could be a concern beyond next year

Education experts say the impact of COVID-19-related revenue losses will be felt even more in the 2021-22 school year.

How a new data tool can diversify your teaching staff

District leaders working to build equity in their schools have prioritized hiring more teachers of color so the workforce better reflects the diversity of their students.

How Multiple Districts Nationwide Are Moving 1:1 Initiatives To Critical Remote Learning Infrastructures

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Why Biden should strongly consider the ‘community schools’ model

Union president says the community school model presents a path forward for the incoming Biden-Harris administration as U.S. schools grapple with systemic racism and recover from the COVID pandemic. 

Academic esports: NASEF becoming part of new nonprofit WWSEF

With its growth under the Samueli Foundation complete, the North America Scholastic Esports Federation moves into a new chapter as it continues its path of providing gaming and education to kids.

Librarians leading the way with innovation, support during COVID

Shannon McClintock Miller shares how this empowered group of school leaders is making a difference with students and teachers, along with some of the tools they are using.

Launch Pad: A middle school space with a path to the future

A transformed library at Cajon Valley Middle School is giving student and parents a chance to pursue their dreams in a personalized new way.

Why leaning on strong CIOs makes sense during a pandemic

It isn't only the technology that might need to change in your school district; it also might be the mindset of all stakeholders including those at the top.

Equitable services under CARES Act

Minnesota offers supports to help school districts clarify issues related to how the federal money can be spent.

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