Ray Bendici

Real-world math: How to add a sense of wonder

Real-world math problems better connect with students and demonstrate how the subject, along with problem-solving and productive struggle, can be used in their daily lives.

How HR connects with IT

Human resources' IT needs are changing dramatically, not just with enterprise technology but also in areas such as recruitment and interviewing.

Twice-exceptional students: What districts need to know

As special education needs continue to increase, a challenge for district leaders is identifying and then managing accommodations and supports for gifted students who have learning difficulties, also known as twice-exceptional (2E) students.

Shaifer energizes FETC 2020 and STEM educators with his closing keynote

“Mr. Fascinate” channeled his “inner nerd” to encourage embracing tools and approaches that connect with Gen Z students.

FETC 2020: ‘Q and A’ with Justin Shaifer

“Mr. Fascinate” discusses engaging Gen Z in STEM, motivating educators and improving equity in STEM.

FETC 2020 Information Technology track had something for everyone

The FETC Information Technology track featured a wealth of ed tech experts, practical experiences, best practices and quality solutions.

DA’s Districts of Distinction showcases model programs at FETC 2020

Baltimore County Public Schools and Pinellas County Schools were honored for their innovative initiatives that have improved student learning outcomes.

FETC 2020: Districts of Distinction grand prize honoree is San Gabriel USD

A music immersion program has helped to close achievement gaps and improve learning outcomes by teaching students music every day.

FETC 2020: Day 2 preview

FETC 2020 begins in earnest with dozens of learning sessions; hundreds of solution providers; an opening keynote address; and much, much more.

FETC 2020: ‘The Computer Science Firehose’

A special event for instructors and providers seeking to follow successful strategies in computer science education featured an unrestricted flow of solutions from one huge nozzle.

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