DA’s top ed tech stories of 2019

From podcasts and esports to school safety and operational efficiency, District Administration provided insight for a wide range of ed tech topics in 2019
By: | January 10, 2020

All throughout 2019, District Administration focused on helping education leaders get the most out of ed tech to improve their districts and student learning outcomes. From podcasts and esports to school safety and operational efficiency, DA covered a wide range of topics.

Here are a few of the top stories from the past year.

November-December: How to harness the power of podcasts

Trucks, and working on them in the Walmart parking lot, is what the boys in Lindsay Johnson’s sixth-period English class mostly wanted to discuss last school year. So Johnson helped the students channel their enthusiasm into a podcast.

October: How K-12 school buildings are getting smarter

As the world becomes increasingly connected, school districts are harnessing new technologies, such as automation and facial recognition, to develop smart school buildings that are safer and more efficient.

September: How to conduct a successful ed tech audit

You’re adding new pieces of education technology constantly, right? So unless you’re operating a one-room schoolhouse, how do you know which devices have become obsolete and which hardware is being used the most?

July-August: How to supply tech essentials for esports in K-12 schools

If 2018 was known as the Wild West in K-12 esports, 2019 has become the year of “manageable chaos,” technology directors say.

June: Tech recycling or refurbishing? Schools must decide on devices

Increasingly, school districts are adopting new approaches to managing the replacement, recycling or refurbishing of outdated equipment. Administrators can follow five best practices to tackle the problem in a practical, sustainable way—while keeping long-term goals in mind.

May: School makerspaces inspire STEM invention everywhere

Today’s focus on STEM projects seems irrevocably linked to makerspaces. Educators have seen students thrive when they experiment with tools and technology to create various objects.

April: Biometric security boosts school safety and efficiency

The ever-increasing need for school safety and surveillance, as well as a desire for more accurate record-keeping, is driving wider school district adoption of biometric technology such as fingerprint readers and facial recognition scanners.

March: Code to consistency in K-12 schools

Today’s student must learn to code. Yet, many districts struggle to implement comprehensive coding programs that work for students in various schools and grades, and that keep up with advancing technology.

February: Voice-activated technology sounds better in education

As voice-activated devices transition from homes to classrooms, dozens of teachers now lead spelling practice, present history lessons and interact with their students in new ways. 

January: Rethinking ed tech amid parent concerns over K-12 screen time

Amid rising parent and pediatrician concerns about the impact of devices on students’ psychological and social development, some schools have started monitoring the amount of time students spend in front of screens. 

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