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Matt Zalaznick

Mesa Public Schools leaders recognized that, though they had a high performing system, a shift to competency-based learning would better prepare students for the future.
Competency-based education in one Vermont district transformed the traditional end-of-semester exam week to a “retake week” that lets students catch up.
Administrators anticipating coronavirus closures as COVID-19 spreads are developing solutions for online education and feeding students who rely on school meals. ( wwing)
As coronavirus spurs school more closures in Seattle and elsewhere, school lunch and student safety issues had experts debating the best response. (Marcos Osorio/EyeEm, GettyImages)
Generation Z STEM guru Justin Shaifer's FETC keynote highlighted that a majority of students are envisioning STEM careers.
Districts that close schools because of coronavirus can continue to serve meals under alternate programs, such as the Summer Food Service program, Civil Eats reported.
Coronavirus is forcing more school closures and shifts to online education on both coasts.
Inadequate and uneven school funding has raised equity issues around the activity of wealthy “helicopter parents,” a new Council on Contemporary Families report says. ( damircudic)
Students are getting tips on how to fight coronavirus and COVID-19 from these posters created for schools by the Snohomish Health District in Washington.
Teacher training and PD at schools of education now focuses more heavily on STEAM, and how ed tech can power instruction.
Student teachers get a stipend to help pay the rent on affordable teacher housing thanks to Rockford Public Schools near Chicago.
Moving classes online is one contingency school district leaders are planning for should any potential coronavirus outbreaks begin disrupting life in the U.S.