[PODCAST] Chaos to Calm: Improving School Culture Through an Adults-First Approach

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In a time where teachers, staff, and administrators are facing unprecedented levels of stress and mental strain, it is critical to understand that prioritizing the wellness and mental health of these adults is foundational to creating a healthy school culture where students can flourish.

In this DA podcast, an expert coach, counselor, behavioral specialist, and trainer for large-scale school culture initiatives will discuss with the director of special programs at the Liberty Public Schools (Mo.) the importance of taking an adult-first approach to wellness and mental health; how to help teachers, staff, and students at all levels to manage conflict in healthy ways; and the many positive outcomes of this approach.

Topics will include:

  • The importance of healthy school culture to teaching and learning
  • How to foster a culture of healthy conflict resolution in schools
  • Why teaching adults these skills first is critical to making an impact
  • How this approach creates fewer discipline issues, increased academic achievement, and improved levels of job satisfaction and retention for teachers, staff, and administrators 


Jill Molli, M.Ed., Director of Mission Expansion, Conscious Discipline 

Jessica Meisenheimer, Director of Special Programs, Liberty Public Schools (Mo.) 

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